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In addition to leadership and wellbeing solutions, we also offer a range of other professional development workshops and services, including Essential Selling Skills and Advanced Sales Development. If you have a specific enquiry related to any form of professional development, please don't hesitate to contact us to see how we can help.

Essential Selling Skills Workshop

This one-day workshop provides an introduction to the fundamental skills required to succeed in customer service and sales roles in today's competitive market. Participants will learn and apply an easy-to-remember 5-point sales process that will equip them to demonstrate the right attitudes, skills and techniques to be a stand-out sales professional.

Advanced Sales Development Workshop

This one-day workshop is designed for experienced sales professionals and equips participants with the advanced sales techniques and disciplines required for be successful at a commercial or account management level. The programme includes personality preferences in relation to sales, territory management, call cycles and objectives, prospecting and ensuring an ethical bias in all sales interactions.