At Progress People, we have a deep seated belief that all human beings can change. For some people, that change will require more than a single intervention workshop. We offer a wide variety of coaching and mentoring services to further support our clients transition from skills learned, to behaviours applied.

Our Coaching and Mentoring programmes are fully customised to meet your individual and business needs. Our options typically range from three month intensive coaching programmes for First Line Supervisors, right through to long term 12 month Coaching and Mentoring support programmes for Senior Executives who value an independent, impartial and professional perspective on their unique development needs. 



-  Executive Leadership 

-  New & Emerging Leaders

-  Leader Wellbeing (GLWS)

-  Stress Management & Resilience

-  Mindset Transformation (NLP)

-  Mental Toughness 

-  Clifton-Strengths 

-  Holistic Wellness


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  • Unlock potential and develop your knowledge and skill set

  • Develop greater self-awareness

  • Better manage stress and build resilience

  • Navigate professional and personal life transitions

  • A safe space for self-reflection

  • Enhance your leadership skills – both the leadership of others and self

  • Clarify goals and achieve development objectives

  • Enhance empathy and interpersonal skills


We help our clients to become the most effective leaders, employees and colleagues they can be.


Using our knowledge and skills, we assist our clients in becoming empathic and effective leaders in their workplace, as well as intentional leaders in their own lives.


Coaching and Mentoring can be best described as a series of structured conversations that enable the client to critically self-reflect, become more self-aware and therefore be capable and committed to an increased level of personal ownership and self-discipline.


Effective coaching is more than an occasional chat. It is an invaluable process that shapes behaviour, develops targeted capabilities and enhances employee performance well beyond that of expected norms.



"Rebekah used the GLWS report as a framework for wellbeing discussions with me. Rebekah was non-judgemental, encouraging and professional in talking through the issues. She then offered skills and strategies that I have since developed to make significant changes to the way I deal with the stresses I encounter at work. These are techniques that are easy to use and have made a tremendous difference to my wellbeing. I am incredibly grateful to Rebekah’s life changing guidance."

- Charlene Benson, Lawyer