Strategic Partnership for making proactive mental wellness accessible in New Zealand

In New Zealand, every year one in five will be diagnosed with a mental illness and many more will struggle without seeking help. Mental disorders are the third leading cause of health loss for New Zealanders. As recently discussed at the World Economic Forum by New Zealand’s Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, this problem needs a more preventative approach.

Progress People Ltd is pleased to announce its new strategic partnership with Wellness Orbit, to deliver its world-class mental wellness e-trainings to workplaces in New Zealand.

Wellness Orbit is the world’s first fully digital mental wellness gym, offering video based e-trainings over the Internet which enables organisations to train their teams 24/7. The trainings improve intra-personal skills and empower employees to be more productive and engaged at work, with a focus on keeping all people in good mental shape. This is the next generation e-learning platform that speaks to the needs of our time. It provides real skills and caters to different developmental needs for all employees regardless of differing geographic locations.

Progress People’s partnership with Wellness Orbit was developed through a mutual goal to drive real change in workplaces to prevent mental health problems escalating into disorders, to integrate wellbeing as a core leadership capability and embed mental fitness into organisational culture. We are mutually committed to forging resilient teams internally in order to be forward thinking businesses. We see that we can reach a broader audience through this collaboration.

Proactive mental wellness training in New Zealand is not only vital to helping employees sustain peak performance, but to helping reduce problems that may escalate to mental illness. Suicide rates in New Zealand have increased year upon year for the last four years, despite increasing media attention and campaigns to reduce stigma around mental illness. By providing intrapersonal education for employees to enhance mental strength and develop inner resources, it is hoped that this will enable workplaces to make a positive contribution to the mental health of their people. Typically, education in mental strength and intra-personal skills has not been provided in schools, homes or communities and we are seeing an increasing number of organisations taking some responsibility for this.

Wellbeing is on the radar of Boards and Executives. It is written into policy and strategic planning but if organisations fail to provide their employees with solutions that are meaningful and bring about sustained personal growth, they are simply paying lip service. And whilst we acknowledge the role that more typical wellbeing initiatives (often the more physical aspects) play, we absolutely maintain that focusing on these alone is short sighted. In this fast-paced digital age we need to offer organisations a more sustainable path to productivity, engagement and individual mental fitness.

About Progress People Ltd

Progress People Ltd is a well-established private consulting company (est. 1994) based in New Zealand, providing training solutions and executive coaching in the space of leadership development, sales development and workplace wellness. Progress People work with a wide range of businesses across New Zealand who are looking to inspire greater levels of self-awareness and self-discipline within their teams, and provide useful techniques to ensure that all staff are actively engaged and motivated within their place of work.

About Conscious Initiative PLC

Wellness Orbit is developed by Conscious Initiative PLC, originating from Estonia and acting according to European Union business and very strict privacy regulations. Wellness Orbit is a unique, science based and expert developed approach to proactive mental wellness, developed and presented by well-known psychiatrist Dr Helena Lass. Wellness Orbit trainings offer original, professional and high quality video and self-evaluation tools based e-training content for all workplaces. Wellness Orbit is designed as a B2B solution for training intrapersonal skills of employees for different businesses and organisations; the e-trainings improve the mental wellness and productivity of employees.

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