Coaching Psychology is underpinned by models of coaching grounded in established psychological theories, using transformative tools and techniques for enhanced resilience, wellbeing and performance.

Coaching Psychology is a highly regarded cutting-edge approach to psychology, providing a safe space to support clients in creating their own success at work and in life.


Through compassionate exploration of past choices and patterns, our clients are empowered to make positive changes and identify different pathways that result in future happiness and success.

-  Stress and Anxiety

-  Emotional Wellbeing

-  Resilience

-  Nervous System Regulation

-  Life Transitions 

-  Holistic Wellbeing 

-  Work/Life Integration (or Balance)

-  Perfectionism


We are all faced with challenges throughout life, and it is a normal to experience some level of stress and anxiety at times. When emotional difficulties feel overwhelming, interfere with your ability to function day-to-day, or last for a long time, psychological support may be needed. 

We all have the capacity to learn new ways of understanding ourselves, new skills and supports, to develop psychological flexibility and flourish. 

Our Psychologist, Rebekah Dawson, offers a tailored approach to suit your individual situation and needs. Depending on your goals, and a joint understanding of the issues you would like to address, the sessions may be brief, or longer term.​​



I am a Registered Psychologist who offers a holistic and solution-focused approach to clients, believing in a united theory of mental, physical and spiritual health. Developing a shared understanding of your context and goals is the basis for exploring the right tools, techniques and approaches that will work best for you. My style is relaxed, pragmatic and friendly, and my aim is to have a positive impact on your wellbeing journey.


Nga mihi,

Rebekah Dawson