Coaching & Mentoring


At the heart of our professional development programmes and services is the deep seated belief that ALL human beings can change. For some people, that change to a better place will require more than a single intervention workshop. To ensure permanent behaviour change, Progress People offers a wide variety of coaching and mentoring services to further support our clients transition from skills learned, to behaviours applied.


Coaching and Mentoring can be best described as a series of structured conversations that enable the client to critically self-reflect, become more self-aware and therefore be capable and committed to an increased level of personal ownership and self-discipline in the application of that knowledge on the job. Effective coaching is more than an occasional chat. It is an invaluable process that shapes behaviour, develops targeted capabilities and enhances employee performance well beyond that of expected norms.


Our Coaching and Mentoring programmes are fully customised to meet the individual and business needs of that specific client. Our options typically range from three month intensive coaching programmes for First Line Supervisors, right through to long term 12 month Coaching and Mentoring support programmes for Senior Executives who value an independent, impartial and professional perspective on their unique development needs. 


Staff Engagement Surveys


Our employees are undoubtedly our most valuable asset, but it can be very difficult to attain their honest opinions of their jobs, workplace and happiness in their roles unless they feel comfortable and safe to do so. And how will you know if you are a good employer without this critical feedback?


Progress People are now able to offer an extremely successful and thorough staff satisfaction or engagement feedback process for your business. Every survey and report is fully customised and written in response to the needs of your business. Together we shape the look and delivery method of your survey, we then go through the anonymous completion process and Progress People will then provide you with both a summarised report and detailed analysis of the feedback.


Following the reporting process we are also available to present findings to your wider team and/or Board of executives, provide training or programmes to help with areas that may have been identified as a result, or help mentor and coach the client in certain areas to strive for improved results going forward.

Performance Appraisals

Staff performance appraisals and reviews are a vital part of employment if you are wanting satisfied and valued long term employees. When done right, this review process can result in higher staff engagement, improved performance, stronger job satisfaction and as a result, financial gain.

Progress People have developed and successfully implemented user friendly, practical appraisal systems which engage all parties in an environment of openness, trust and truth throughout the whole process.

Mystery Shopping


More often than not, the level of service we expect from our staff and the level of service a customer receives will differ to varying degrees. We can provide you with detailed knowledge of an honest customer experience of your business at both a retail and commercial level. We can offer a well-established, confidential and comprehensive mystery shopping service, including detailed analysis of customer service, sales knowledge and skills, product knowledge, retail compliance and operational excellence.


Each contract is fully customised to the client and branded accordingly. We have experienced, knowledgeable and professional staff available to complete your report across any industry from hammers to high heels without staff suspicion.



Psychometric Testing


Truly understanding your employees preferences for various behaviours, their strengths and their development needs will allow you to develop strategies that will help achieve your overall business goals. The key is to use psychometric assessments in a way that relates to your organisation's success, from selection decisions to development and team building to performance management and promotion decisions.


Our range of psychometric assessments will help generate an in-depth and well-rounded evaluation of an individual's cognitive ability, interests and personal styles and work aptitudes. We have a number of well-regarded psychological assessments to meet your needs, including ability assessments (verbal, numerical and abstract reasoning), personality profiling, values and motives, sales preference indicators and more.


Dispute Resolution


Poor performance and behaviour in a workplace can be one of the biggest challenges for many employers to overcome. The disciplinary process can be long and complicated – especially if you are unfamiliar or unconfident with the formalities and legal requirements. Progress People have extensive experience and knowledge on dealing with these situations and we can not only teach you how to handle the process, but be there to assist if required.

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