"Leaders who role model and prioritise wellbeing will become an organisations most powerful enabler of improved employee wellbeing."


Wellbeing is an essential ingredient in creating a workplace culture where people do their best work, are innovative, collaborative and perform sustainably at a high level. Our approach is to work with you on meaningful interventions that achieve the desired outcomes that result from a true lift in wellbeing, beyond fruit bowls, medicals and gym memberships. These include:


  • Reduced costs associated with absenteeism and presenteeism

  • Improved engagement and productivity

  • Increased resilience

  • Improved innovation and creativity

  • Improved retention, positioning your company as an employer of choice

  • Sustainable high performance

  • Reduced rates of workplace related injury and mental illness

  • A responsible and progressive organisational culture, where employees feel cared for and valued

Our Approach

At Progress People, our goal is to drive real change in workplaces, to integrate wellbeing as a core leadership capability and embed mental fitness into organisational culture. Furthermore, we strongly believe that a comprehensive assessment of wellbeing is the first step to achieving positive wellbeing outcomes for your organisation and its people. An assessment provides the opportunity for individuals and teams to develop a greater awareness of their wellbeing and can be used as a framework for which tailored solutions can be accessed.



Progress People are accredited in and proud to use the Global Leadership Wellbeing Survey (GLWS), a robust tool that integrates evidence-based research to enable a holistic focus on wellbeing, both at work and at home. Participants receive a comprehensive report together with a full debrief session and actionable steps to gently identify and address targeted wellbeing priorities, underpinned by professional support. The GLWS goes further than other wellbeing surveys, focusing on the ‘whole person’ by discussing multiple dimensions of wellbeing.


GLWS Dimensions:

  • Authentic Relationships

  • Meaning, Purpose and Direction

  • Resilience and Equanimity

  • Vitality and Energy

  • Balance and Boundaries

  • Intellectual Engagement and Flow


In addition to Personal Reports, GLWS Team Reports are also available. Aggregated and de-identified team results can be collectively reviewed to uncover the common themes affecting a team’s performance and gives crucial information to discuss and determine appropriate actions to increase wellbeing, resilience and productivity.

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Progress People are proud to be partners with Wellness Orbit to bring you cutting-edge mental wellness trainings in the digital space. These trainings offer a pro-active approach to mental wellness (as opposed to a reactive approach to mental illness) by enhancing intra-personal skills and empowering your people to tune in well, to be well aware and to work and spend their life well. After all, life orbits around wellness.

Off the shelf wellness programmes have popped up all over workplaces in recent times, however most fail to positively impact the wellbeing of staff in a sustainable way. At Progress People we are committed to delivering results-based solutions founded on scientific research. These solutions can be delivered in a number of ways such as training workshops, executive wellness coaching, assessment or referral.

More specifically, employees learn how to:

  • Sustain a growth mindset and overcome setbacks

  • Apply awareness to face routine as well as adverse situations creatively

  • Self-manage and be self-motivated

  • Maintain focus in an over-stimulated environment and develop resilience to handle multiple tasks

  • Enhance teamwork by taking ownership of own actions and behaviour

  • Be mentally well-balanced, de-stress and contribute actively

  • Change individual conflicting attitudes and problematic habits

Wellness Orbit is the worlds first fully digital mental wellness gym, offering cutting edge e-trainings over the internet enabling organisations to train their teams 24/7. The digital trainings were developed and are delivered by Dr Helena Lass, a Psychiatrist and founder of Wellness Orbit. There are three trainings currently available, each containing five video based sessions (approximately 45-60 minutes long) which include self-assessments, feedback, workbooks, quizzes and suggestions for group discussions. 


This is the next generation e-learning platform for your organisation that speaks to the need of emerging workplace demands. It provides real skills for real change and caters to different developmental needs for all employees regardless of their geographic locations.


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Wellbeing Coaching


Our wellness coaching programmes can range from a one-off session to a fully customised programme where we gain insight and identify priorities for action to enhance and maintain wellbeing. Generally, our coaching programmes are supported by the assessment phase to ensure that education and solutions are uniquely customised to the individual. We coach our clients around what it takes to sustain change on their part and put support and follow-ups in place to assist them in achieving their wellbeing goals.


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