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LEGACY LEADERSHIP: 10-11 JULY 2019 (two days)

$1195 + GST per person

Legacy Leadership is based on the principles and practices of excellence in leadership and is founded on centuries of accumulated evidence from history, philosophy, science, ethics and other sources of knowledge and wisdom. When these principles are being constantly demonstrated, competent managers can become excellent leaders.

The aim of this two-day workshop is to share that knowledge, inspire greater levels of self-awareness and self-discipline, and to provide practical and useful leadership tools, tips, and techniques that ensure that those who do rise to positions of influence within their workplace, or community environments, leave an enduring legacy of hope, happiness, and prosperity.

For many leaders the management of things can take us away from the leadership of people. Both are prerequisites to effectively executing business strategy and creating highly motivated teams that can consistently and willingly ‘do the job’.

Applying accelerated learning techniques, you will be actively engaged in syndicate discussion groups, a wide range of current/relevant leadership scenarios, role plays, case studies, self-assessments and flip chart exercises.

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$695 + GST per person

Make the time to attend this challenging 1-day workshop so you can learn (and apply) the key disciplines to effective self-mastery and gain control of those critical events that determine WHAT you achieve in any given day, and more importantly, defines WHO you become.

This one day workshop focuses the learner on values based self-management. All our workshops incorporate the deliberate use of accelerated learning techniques with all course participants actively engaged in relevant discussion, targeted exercises, and critical self-reflection.

We have designed this workshop primarily for those of us who simply struggle to achieve their daily/weekly/monthly responsibilities or goals and need some new direction and insight in this area of self-improvement. It will also benefit functional staff whose job responsibilities include a considerable ‘task / project’ emphasis. 

This high energy, high impact, professional training experience will challenge attitudes, change behaviours, and inspire an improved focus on ‘getting the job done’ with single minded focus and the determination to see it through to completion!

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$695 + GST per person

In this introductory sales course, participants will learn and apply an easy-to-remember 5-point sales process that will equip them to sell well every day, with every customer. These non-negotiable sales disciplines will ensure your employees demonstrate the right attitudes, skills and techniques to be a stand-out sales professional and to consistently achieve superior sales results.


In this workshop attendees will learn to maintain excellent attitudes towards customers staff, become a more collaborative problem solver for their customers thereby creating the best possible outcomes/results for both parties and win over the difficult customers with poise, calm and absolute professionalism. Applying deliberate accelerated learning techniques, all course participants will be actively engaged in syndicate discussion groups, a wide range of sales based exercises, challenges, case studies and be developing their own targeted goals and action plans for on-the-job implementation throughout the two days.


Whether you are new in a sales role, experienced staff looking to fine tune your sales and service skills or management looking to lead from the front, this workshop covers everything you need to be successful in any sales based position.

To view a full printable course summary, learning outcomes and participant profile, click here

Business / Customised Workshops:

If you have a minimum of 6 employees that you would like to enroll on any one of our workshops, we can come to your workplace and provide in-house training with your business branding included on our material. We offer a discount on the above rates  for up to 12 employees and further discount on any additional attendees. Please contact us for a customised quote.


If you are looking to partner with Progress People to develop a specialised training programme specifically for your workplace, please contact us to discuss your requirements in detail.