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We are all faced with dynamic challenges in work and life. Our aim is to use evidence-based solutions to help enhance wellbeing, both at work and at home. We help build high-performing workplaces that promote cultural health and organisational productivity, alongside mental health and wellbeing.

Wellbeing Coaching for Leaders

This wellbeing coaching service is for Leaders who are finding it difficult to prioritise their own wellbeing, or who want to lead positive wellbeing behaviours within their teams. We will work with your Leaders to help them gain awareness and build an understanding of what they need in order to enhance wellbeing and address the aspects that are detracting from it.

Service includes:

Completion of leadership wellbeing assessment (GLWS®) and full report

2-hour virtual coaching and debrief session

Customised recommendations and advice 

Email check-in post debrief session


$1195 + GST

Group Workshops

Our Wellbeing workshops are evidence based and delivered by a Registered Psychologist. The aim is to support attendees in developing their awareness of wellbeing in the workplace and at home, whilst ensuring psychological safety.

Our small-group workshops are typically half-day sessions and are customised to the needs of your organisation or team. Topics can include:

Enhancing Resilience

Understanding Stress and the Nervous System

Understanding and Avoiding Burnout

Mental Health in the Workplace

Work-Life Balance (Integration)

Pillars of Wellbeing

Individual Sessions for Employees

These confidential individual sessions are for individuals who know they are not living their best life or feeling their best self. We work with the client to help them gain access to the knowledge they need in order to boost their wellbeing, better manage stress and enhance resilience.

Service includes:

1-hour virtual coaching session

Customised recommendations and advice 

Email check-in post debrief session


$295 + GST

Need a Speaker?

Wellbeing is increasingly appearing on the agenda of many conferences, staff training days and events. Progress People can deliver short presentations with impact, including practical tips, ideas and education on various topics related to employee wellbeing.

Please feel free to contact us for further information and pricing on speaking engagements.

For personal wellbeing support or private practice enquiries click here.