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Through our interactive workshops and bespoke coaching and mentoring programmes, we help our clients improve their capacity to add value as leaders, employees and people. Using research-based frameworks and tools, we help you build workplaces and teams that promote cultural health and organisational productivity.

Legacy Leadership Workshop

This workshop is a culmination of extensive research providing your new and experienced Leaders with practical and useful leadership tools that will enhance all forms of decision making, delegation, communication and motivation. This comprehensive two-day workshop will equip you with the vital skills necessary for executing business strategy and creating highly effective teams.

Courageous Conversations Workshop

This one-day workshop provides middle to senior level leaders with the opportunity to strengthen their leadership capability in the vital area of communication. what we ignore, we approve. So, gain confidence in confronting poor performance, non-compliance and poor attitudes in the workplace.

Performance Management 

This workshop will help your leaders, managers and supervisors to gain an understanding of the skills and actions required to deal with poor performance and non-compliance in the workplace. Our 4-step process brings a higher level of employee accountability with procedural fairness and dignity.


Executive Leadership Coaching

Through our customised programmes, our coaches will help your executives and leaders gain self-awareness and implement new understanding in order to remove obstacles, improve leadership capability and overall productivity. We help our clients to clarify goals and to provide support and feedback for meaningful change and growth.


Time & Self-Management Workshop

This one-day workshop focuses the learner on a values-based approach to time management. It will inspire an improved focus on 'getting the job done' and seeing it through to completion. Learn how to plan for a more successful and productive day and take control of the events and activities that matter most.


Performance Appraisal Coaching

Performance Appraisal coaching is about preparing yourself, the employee and the environment to ensure the best outcomes from a performance appraisal. You will be coached on how to conduct a meaningful appraisal where the right messages are not only communicated with empathy and accuracy, but also received and clearly understood by the employee.


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