"Managers do things right,

Leaders do the right thing"



Legacy Leadership:   2 days


For many leaders the management of things can take us away from the leadership of people. This workshop is a comprehensive leadership system to assist you in both recognising your capabilities as a leader and demonstrating those capabilities with clearly defined, proven leadership practices.


This workshop is a culmination of extensive research which will provide you with practical and useful leadership tools for both experienced and new leaders that can be applied immediately. It aims to introduce a clearly defined system of skills and methods that will enhance all forms of decision making, delegation, communication and motivation.


Applying accelerated learning techniques, you will be actively engaged in discussion groups, leadership scenarios, case studies, self-assessments and exercises. This course encourages a high level of self-reflection based on past performance and experiences, then focuses you on future dreams, goals and expectations based on knowledge gained.

The Conscious Leader:   1 day


In today's ever changing business landscape, there is a call for a new style of leadership that focuses on developing and growing self-awareness. The Conscious Leader programme has been designed to challenge both new and experienced leaders by exploring how self-awareness can improve the way we lead others by looking inward.

At the core of this workshop is the exploration of relational vulnerability and how aspects of this are pivotal in developing a conscious leadership style that creates greater connection with positive impact on those we lead in our workplaces, homes and communities

Coaching for Performance:   2 days


The word coaching is based on this historical principle – to move people from one place to another place. It is this definition that forms the foundations of effective coaching in the workplace. Effective coaching is more than a practical skill or a technique, it is an invaluable process that shapes culture, develops leadership capabilities, and enhances employee performance standards well beyond that of expected norms.


This course is all about applying a deliberate set of coaching skills that move people from where they are, to where they need to be. This is a highly engaging learning experience that will challenge existing coaching skills and arm managers with the tools and techniques to create an effective coaching conversation resulting in improved performance, productivity, and understanding.


The key to this course is to introduce attendees to a powerful coaching framework which provides a structure and process to deliver the necessary skills and confidence to effectively coach at all levels within the organisation.

Courageous Conversations:   1 day


Dealing with poor performance in a work situation can be difficult for many people. This workshop covers key competencies to successfully identify, assess and solve poor performance or unacceptable behaviours in the workplace.


You will learn to handle difficult personalities, disruptive behaviours or explosive situations and learn how to remain calm, stay professional, show empathy and take meaningful action to reach a positive outcome.


Our system will take you through the different stages of a courageous conversation. You will engage in real conflict case studies that will increase the confidence and competence of all attendees and learn how to move from the informal conversations to the formal disciplinary process.

Time and Self-Management:   1 day


If you or your staff are constantly running out of time, wishing you had more time or just cannot achieve your responsibilities or goals within the time frames allocated, then this 1-day course is for you. Focusing on values based self-management, this course will allow the attendee to really ‘look in the mirror’ and therefore determine not only what matters most, but also what is required to achieve it.


This high energy, high impact, professional training experience will challenge attitudes, change behaviors, and inspire an improved focus on ‘getting the job done’ with single minded focus and the determination to see it through to completion.


As a direct result from attending this workshop, participants will learn to plan for a more productive day, prioritize important events, delegate effectively, communicate with confidence, develop an appropriate work/life balance and achieve today’s work today.



At the heart of our professional development programmes and services is the deep seated belief that all human beings can change. For some people, that change will require more than a single intervention workshop. To ensure permanent behaviour change, Progress People offers a wide variety of coaching and mentoring services to further support our clients transition from skills learned, to behaviours applied.


One-on-one leadership based Coaching 

Coaching and Mentoring can be best described as a series of structured conversations that enable the client to critically self-reflect, become more self-aware and therefore be capable and committed to an increased level of personal ownership and self-discipline in the application of that knowledge on the job. Effective coaching is more than an occasional chat. It is an invaluable process that shapes behaviour, develops targeted capabilities and enhances employee performance well beyond that of expected norms.


Our Coaching and Mentoring programmes are fully customised to meet the individual and business needs of that specific client. Our options typically range from three month intensive coaching programmes for First Line Supervisors, right through to long term 12 month Coaching and Mentoring support programmes for Senior Executives who value an independent, impartial and professional perspective on their unique development needs. 

Strengths based Coaching

We are thrilled to bring you a coaching programme that recognises our fastest, and most fulfilling, path to success is through our strengths. Contrary to the traditional approach of ‘weakness-fixing’, our unique strengths are the key to unlocking our potential and increasing job satisfaction and performance.


Using the CliftonStrengths profile, we apply a coaching process to enable individuals and teams to discover and explore their strengths. Our CliftonStrengths are so unique that the chance of meeting someone with the same strengths profile is 1 in 33 million. Together, we then identify opportunities to optimise these strengths and apply them towards workplace goals, challenges and opportunities.